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Ben Hale

Cape Coral Home Watch Services helps prevent bad things can happen to a vacant home.

Systems can fail, unattended water leaks or mold can quickly cause major damage that can be costly to repair.

Problems that are detected early can be repaired at a fraction of the cost.

Our 40-point weekly inspection of your home can be your greatest safety net to keep your home safe from damage caused by pests, water, mold, power outages, air-conditioning and appliance failures, intrusion, and vandalism.

After all, you just want to return and find your home the same as when you left.

As I inspect your home I may find repairs where a contractor is needed.

I can let the contractor in your home, and monitor their actions until the job is completed.

Cape Coral Homewatch offers homewatch services at a flat rate per month.

You will pay a once a month flat fee and your home will be inspected each week.

In addition to the standard weekly services, if a problem is noticed, I will take digital photos of the problem and email them to you.

You will be able to see the problem and feel confident that I am taking great care of your residence. 



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